Two local golfers made quite the big splash on Tuesday, October 3rd at Five Ponds Golf Course in Warminster.

The 6,325-yard course was the site for the Suburban One League Championships. Council Rock South’s Matthew Fleming took first place in the Suburban One National Conference with a 6-over-par 77.

“My group was one of the first to come in so I didn’t know for around 20 minutes, but then after more scores kept coming in my dad informed me that I had a good shot to be first in the Conference, Fleming said.

“It was a great feeling. I didn’t think I played well enough, but I definitely kept big numbers off my scorecard. It was a little surprising so it was a great feeling when I found out.”

Fleming focused on an overall consistent performance to put up the impressive score rather than trying to do too much on one or two holes.

“I was just keeping the ball in play… and aiming for spots on the green that are easy to putt from,” Fleming stated. “I played a practice round there so I knew the green fairly well and was able to stay away from 3-putt territory on the green.”

Fleming now enters the District 1 Class AAA tournament at Turtle Creek Golf Course in Limerick. The 6,375-yard course will not be unchartered territory for Fleming, as this is his second year playing varsity and qualifying.

“I have a much different mindset going into it this year than last year” Fleming said. “My game’s improved a lot since last year so I’m looking to do better.”

Another local golfer who qualified for the District One tournament is Pennsbury’s Jonathan Papp.

Papp struggled on the front nine at Five Ponds Golf Course in Warminster, but turned it around with a blistering back nine to finish with an 83. He needed an 84 or better to qualify.

“The strongest part of my game is the mental part of it. If I have a bad hole or a bad front nine I just put that aside and focus on the task at hand,” Papp said.

Papp takes nothing for granted after a difficult first nine holes.

“I was relieved. I wasn’t expecting to qualify after the first nine holes, but I was happy that I found a way to make it.”

Unlike Fleming, this is Papp’s first time qualifying for the District One tournament.

“It’s a little nerve-wracking but it’s all about having fun. I just got to do the same thing that I did on the back nine for all 18 holes. If I play like that I think my chances are good,” Papp proclaimed.

Papp isn’t doing anything drastically different or fancy in preparation for the tournament.

“I went to Snipe’s for a couple hours on Saturday and met with my coach on Sunday to go over some swing mechanics. I’m trying to keep the same approach.”

That same approach could be the key to him having a great tournament on Monday and Tuesday. It will be interesting to see what both he and Fleming do in a very important two days.